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Real Teen Patti

By on June 4, 2015



Why play Real Teen Patti ?
Best Mobile Teen Patti Experience:
Real Teen Patti is the gold standard of teen patti games! Our game has all the hallmarks of classic original teen patti and the best new features. Games like AK47 are a must try.
Unlimited Free Chips:
Get free chips on demand at a tap of a button, plus get Daily Bonus up to Rs 10 crores. And you get thousands of chips every time you bring your friends to play with you.
Sexy life like dealer:
The Lady in Black makes playing super fun, she celebrates during wins, kisses when you tip and grants free chips so that you play Real Teen Patti uninterrupted. And if you ask her nicely, she’ll dance for you.
Be a Billionaire:
For a premium experience and to play with the best teen patti players in the world in the high roller tables you can live the life of a billionaire in Real Teen Patti for less than Rs 100.
Teen Patti Like You’ve Never Seen Before:
We create a new variation every week to keep things fun and fresh in Real Teen Patti! Check out Flexi and AK47, you won’t believe how wild it can get! Our new games will blow you away.
Be The Boss Of Real Teen Patti:
Compete in Weekly Competitions and let the world know who’s the champ of Real Teen Patti!
Private Tables:
Play Real Teen Patti with your friends, set your own pot and chaal limit.
Live In Game Chat:
Chat with friends while playing Real Teen Patti, or make new friends while playing Real Teen Patti.
Indian Poker:
Teen Patti or Indian Poker, is a desi cousin of 5 card stud Poker. Unlike Poker or Texas hold’em, players are dealt 3 cards, and the game lacks any community cards. In most tables of Real Teen Patti maximum bet and pot limits are enforced to limit betting, but we do have a variation called No Limit Teen Patti that removes all betting limits and allows Poker style unlimited betting. Indian Poker players are sure to find Real Teen Patti a fun game.
Other Names:
Teen Patti is known by different names in different parts of India and the world. In South India it is known as Teen Pathi, in other parts of the world it is known as Flash or Flush. Some players also refer to it is as 3 patti or Three Patti.
Real Teen Patti Rules:
The player with the highest card wins, following is the ranking for cards from high to low for Real Teen Patti
1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)
2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)
3. Sequence (straight or run)
4. Color (flush)
5. Pair (two cards of same rank)
6. High Card
More Good Stuff in Real Teen Patti
• Play on 2G with ease
• Very light on battery use
• Smallest wait times
No Real Money Gambling is Allowed in the Game. The chips do not carry cash value. They can, however, be won, lost and bought. So all the fun of teen patti at your finger-tips without the risk!


What’s New

• 2G Improvements



Update: 2015-05-26

Version: 1.14

Requires: Android2.3 or later

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