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Gift A Friend: Free Healthy Energy Sample

By on April 26, 2013
Gift A Friend: Free Healthy Energy Sample Kit 8pm ET 4/25

Gift A Friend: Free Healthy Energy Sample Kit 8pm ET 4/25

Give the gift of a free Healthy Energy sample kit at 8pm ET on April 25 to a friend. You can also get a friend to gift you by clicking the “Wish For It” button. They are giving away 5,000 sample kits!

From their Facebook page: Have friend who’s tired of being tired? Give them the gift of FRS for natural, sustained energy without the crash. Gift Starts: Thursday, April 25th at 8pm EST. Want a friend to gift you? Wish for it below.

It all began with health scientists trying to create a product to provide sustained energy for chemotherapy patients. They discovered Quercetin (pronounced kwur-si-tin), a powerful all natural antioxidant and combined it with Green Tea Catechins. The patented formula was called FRS, and it quickly became the “secret weapon” for many elite athletes. Lately, FRS has become the choice for people looking to increase their stamina and get through a busy day without crashing.

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