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Android Formula Car Game

By on August 24, 2013
Android Formula Car Game

ANDROID FORMULA CAR GAME – simple, addictive and fun formula racing game for kids! FREE! LATEST CHANGES: – changes to comply with new Google Developer Policy changes – new graphics engine; improved performance and bug fixes – added upgrades: fuel boost, stealth mode, fly mode, etc. – graphical improvements – fixed error that caused game to crash for some devices – gives correct message when fuel rans out – improvements to car steering when using buttons – couple of other bug fixes

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Simple and addicting car game for kids! The Formula Car Game has been designed BY KIDS FOR KIDS!


Game is simple and fun formula car racing game where you try to keep on track, avoid hitting other cars and collect fuel tanks to get more fuel before it ends. Watch out for slippery oil!


Formula Car Game Features:

✔ Easy-to-play: bend your device left and right to steer formula one car. Or alternatively you can use buttons to steer the car (enable in settings)

✔ Simple!

✔ Suitable for kids at any age! Not suitable (at least not designed) for adults! ;-)

✔ Compatible with all Android versions and devices

✔ Free!

✔ Works with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Dell and many more

screen shots screen shots screen shots

The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys. This is a second game we made together. After the first game, Android Sheep Game, we wanted to do a car racing game and basically this game was a result of this project. My kids told me what to do and I spent my time trying to cope with the requirements.


We hope you like it!! Smile


Please send all feedback, good or bad, to We will read all feedback and take it into account in the development!


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