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Age of Legends

By on April 18, 2013
Browse or download Age of Legends, certified for Windows Phone.

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Age of Legends

he war-torn lands of Nekuria hold
 many secrets.  There’s danger,
 excitement and glory awaiting you.
Heroes are remembered, but legends never die!

Build a Guild with other Heroes to take down those against you
Explore Quests for rewards
Seek the protection of Clan membership, and war
Kill or be killed on the Bounty list


★ Over 10M players worldwide
★ Epic Clan wars
★ Individual battles
★ Tournaments
★ Bounty action
★ Leader boards
★ Active in-app Forum
★ Profile comment walls and Clan chat
★ Boss Invasions
★ Enchanted Weapons
★ Exciting Quests
★ FREE to play

Note: This game must be played when online.

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